Theatre Arts Overview

Theatre Arts– 2016 Dates and tuition tbd
Design/Tech -2016 Dates and tuition tbd
musical Theatre -2016 Dates and tuition tbd

The Musical Theatre tuition includes both the 5-week Theatre Arts Program and a 2-week Musical Theatre Extension


Our theatre arts division is a powerful exploration into stage performance. A rigorous combination of classes and rehearsals challenge students every day for five weeks. Our students welcome the challenge as we accept students who are passionate and committed to theatre.


We’re Unique Because:

  • Every theatre arts student performs in our highly regarded final productions, presented to the public in repertory during the final week of the program.
  • NHSI allows students to experience their place in theatre without  placing any focus on grades or numeric evaluations.
  • We create a safe environment to explore and experiment, while at the same time pushing actors and designers to discover themselves and their art at new and unexpected levels.
  • Since we award no grades nor credit, students can feel free to try every exercise, idea, style, etc. to their fullest without fear of ‘failure.’

What Students Say:

  • “I loved everything about Cherubs.  Every faculty member was passionate and dedicated which helped us have fun and grow.  I think the best part of the program was that it was kept fun so that we wanted to learn.  Sure there were hard days but when I look back, everything seems useful and planned.  Thank you for an amazing summer.  I will always cherish the experience.”
  • “Every young actor in America should apply, should fight to have the cherubs experience.  It infects you with theatre magic, saturates your soul in the art you love … and when you’re done…it sends you out into the world as a changed person, with a feeling of self-affirmation as an artist.”

What The Faculty Say:

  • “The demands placed on cherubs are not unlike the demands placed upon college students (and professional actors). It is assumed that any student entering this program has reached the level of maturity, understanding, and dedication necessary to handle everything that will be expected of him/her.”
  • “I believe that there is no other program in the world like the NHSI Theatre Arts Division. This may seem like an awfully tall statement, but given what we offer to the students and demand of them in return I don’t believe there is anything comparable”

What Parents Say:

“I want to thank everyone at National High School Institute-Theatre Arts Division summer program for my daughter’s wonderful experience.  From the moment we arrived to check her into the program, your top-notch staff couldn’t have been nicer and more helpful. When she became ill and was seen by the medical staff of the campus, she received excellent care and they communicated with me throughout.

We are grateful that she had the opportunity to experience this artistic.  The directors and the cast and crew of all the shows were amazing.  I saw all 10 plays, my daughter’s twice, and thought they were all fantastic. My daughter’s director made a strong impression on her.  She learned so much from him and felt he extracted her full potential in her performance.  She feels she can take these skills and techniques she learned and apply them to her future performances.

My daughter truly enjoyed all her classes.  The students in the program were darling! I spent some time with them and also had a chance to meet with their parents and to share experiences. Also, the administrator graciously greeted parents and made everyone feel comfortable before every performance.

This was truly a life changing experience for my daughter.  I know she will never forget this summer and that she will take all that she learned with her throughout her life.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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