FAQs Regarding Summer 2021

 The National High School Institute continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Illinois and around the country. We have determined the safest way to host our Theatre Arts and Film & Video programs for Summer 2021 is virtually. Continue to check the website for updates.

Below find answers to some common frequently asked questions for this summer.

Why are the Film & Video Production and Screenwriting courses combined for summer 2021?

We have combined the Production and Screenwriting courses this summer to leverage the virtual landscape we are currently in.  Students will be working on their own projects with guidance from faculty, making it possible to take each student’s ideas from the page to the screen.  There will also be less class time than in a residential setting, allowing students to work on their projects off-line.

What if I just want to take the Post-Production Extension (or Musical Theatre Extension) course?

The skills students learn in the Film Production/Screenwriting course are used in the Post Production class.  The skills students learn in the Theatre Arts Institute will be used in the Musical Theatre extension.

With vaccination efforts ramping up around the country, is there any chance NHSI will have on-campus programming for 2021?

Unfortunately, we will definitely be doing the program virtually.   Northwestern University is not able to accommodate minors on campus this summer due to ongoing concerns surrounding the pandemic.

What if I’m a current 10th grade Film & Video student and I want to defer to being on campus next year?  Or want to participate virtually this year and on-campus next year?

Current sophomores can certainly decide to defer to next year when we have on-campus programming.  Those students will need to re-apply for our 2022 summer programming.  Sophomore students who participate in this summer’s virtual programming can attend the summer 2022 programming as well. They will also need to re-apply next year.

Will I be able to participate as an international student in the online institutes?

All classes for the Theatre Arts and Film & Video Institute will take place synchronously in US Central Standard Time. If you do not live in the continental United States, your time zone may impede your ability to join us. The Theatre Arts Schedule and Film & Video Schedule can be found in the links, and you may use them to determine your ability to successfully participate in the programs.

What if I have more specific questions about online programming?

Please contact the NHSI Office at 847-491-3026 or nhsi@northwestern.edu.