Film & Video Daily Online Schedule

NHSI Film & Video Institute students can choose between a concentration of study in On Camera Acting or Production/Screenwriting. Students who complete the Production/Screenwriting program are eligible to participate in the Post-Production 2 Week Extension.

I felt that I not only learned a lot, created some beautiful pieces of art, met friends and future collaborators, but it made me excited to spend the rest of my life improving upon this art form and dedicating myself to it.”


**Please know that this schedule is subject to change as we adjust for the particular needs or interests of each year’s student body. However, the basic breakdown of the day will remain the same.**


On Camera Acting Program (3 weeks) June 20 – July 10, 2021

Production/Screenwriting Program (3 weeks) June 20 – July 10, 2021

Post-Production Program (2 weeks) July 12 – July 23, 2021**

(**Students must attend the 3-week Production/Screenwriting Program in order to attend the Post-Production Program)

Sample Daily Schedule for Film & Video Students

Acting on Camera Schedule

Production/Screenwriting Schedule

Post-Production (2 Week Extension) Schedule

Asynchronous work will be assignments by faculty. Salons will include opportunities to get advice and feedback from individual faculty members.

I absolutely loved my classes! The faculty were amazing and I learned way more than I could have possibly imagined.”

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