Film & Video – Our Equipment

The level of commitment exhibited by every student made all the work enjoyable and every set a learning experience. Production Week was a testament to the power of collaboration and a stunning representation of what young film makers can accomplish. We make great things when we help each other tell our stories.”


Canon C100 Mark II Cinema Cameras with Cine Lens Kits

Complete Camera Support Kits including Tripods, Follow Focus, Rails, Shoulder Mounts, and Matte Box

DJI RONIN Stabilization Rigs with Wireless Follow Focus

GoPro Hero4 Camera and Accessory Kits


DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone


Zoom H4n Audio Recorders with Sennheiser Boom Kits


nhsi_slideshow_lightroom_export_073014-70 soundstage700

Professional Soundstage and Isolation Booth

Greenscreen/White Cyc Studio with LED Lighting Grid



Industry-Standard Grip & Electric Equipment including Mole-Richardson Tungsten Lighting Packages

Post-Production labs with Adobe Premiere Pro software




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