Debate at Northwestern

Update December 2019! The Northwestern Debate Society recently wrapped up a very successful fall semester of competition, with seniors Gabe Jankovsky and Joe Weideman placing second at the prestigious Kentucky Round Robin, reaching the final round of the Kentucky J.W. Patterson invitational, and recently receiving an invite to the Dartmouth Round Robin, an honor for seven of the top teams in the nation. They were joined in elimination debates at several tournaments by sophomores Nina Fridman and Stephen Lowe. After a brief break in December, the team will be back in competition in early January. Research Facilities Northwestern Debate Institute students enjoy regular borrowing privileges at the Northwestern University Library. Its 4.9 million volumes (10th largest among private universities), include extensive holdings of books, periodicals, and government documents about the debate topic.  The library also has electronic access to over 90,000 journals and serials. All of the traditional and electronic resources are easily searchable via Northwestern’s online card catalog, NUCat and full access is available to Northwestern Debate Institute students. In addition, the Northwestern Library is home to a variety of computer assisted research tools, including Lexis Universe, all of which are at the disposal of Northwestern Debate Institute students. A special library, composed of hard-to-find sources on the topic, is available to Northwestern Debate Institute students. We will compile materials from special interest groups and organizations that publish work on the topic and will supplement Northwestern’s excellent public policy collections with relevant material from other outstanding American libraries. Alumni … Continue reading Debate at Northwestern