Debate – Application Information


I loved the mixture between lectures, debates, and research. The variety really helped keep things interesting and engaging and all aspects of the three were really positive and helpful.”




  • Students must be current high school freshman, sophomores, or juniors
  • Rank academically near the top 30% of your high school class
  • Meet a high standard of character, responsibility, and intelligence
  • Able to provide evidence of experience and/or interest in Policy style Debate


How to Apply

  1. Fill out and submit the National High School Institute Application including $50 application fee.
  2. You will receive an email from NHSI confirming your application has been received along with next step instructions on how to complete your application. You should receive this confirmation email within 1-3 business days of submission.
  3. Submit the supplemental materials required to complete your application which include your debate record and current high school transcript**. Further details will be included in your confirmation email.

**4- & 6-week Policy Debate applicants will also need to supply a letter of recommendation from their current debate coach.


Technology Requirements

To aid our students in making the transition to online learning, the NHSI has established certain minimum technology requirements for participation in our 2021 Debate Institutes. These requirements are in place to ensure that everyone can have a smooth and effective institute experience, and to minimize the amount of time during the institute devoted to technological troubleshooting.

Minimum technology requirements include:

— High speed/broadband internet access

— A laptop computer with a webcam and microphone (ideally built-in, but external webcams and microphones will also suffice). Tablets such as iPads are not sufficient, as they do not enable the use of the full-featured versions of Microsoft Office products.  Phones are also insufficient, as they lack the feature set we will need for the institute.

—  Microsoft Word, necessary for viewing and editing debate files

—  A quiet place at home from which to deliver practice debate speeches.


Suggested* additional technology includes:

—  Ethernet connectivity to a high-speed internet router, usually requiring an ethernet-to-USB adapter for the student’s computer

—  A backup method of recording speeches, such as the Voice Memos app for iPhone, or Audacity for the PC

—  Over-the-ear headset. Headphones such as AirPods are sub-optimal for debate, even an inexpensive headset is a large upgrade

—  A TableTote or other telescoping podium on which to deliver speeches

—  An external monitor, to enable simultaneously viewing multiple programs during debates

*Items in the “suggested” list will help optimize the online institute experience, but are not required for participation.

Importantly, your registration for the institute requires your agreement to procure the necessary technology to meet the minimum standards. The NHSI will be unable to offer tuition refunds in the event that the state of a student’s technology makes their participation in the institute infeasible. Please reach out to the NHSI via email at if you have any questions regarding these technology standards.


I thought the best feature of [the Debate Institute] was the cooperative framework the lab leaders fostered. We weren’t here to duke it out with each other, but to learn, practice, and help one another.”


Application Deadline

The NHSI Debate Institute currently operates on a Rolling Admissions basis. Space is limited, we accept applications through early June or until labs are filled to capacity.

Upon completion of your online application, and the submission of all required supplemental materials, you will be informed of your acceptance status. It is the applicants’ responsibility to make sure that ALL necessary supplemental materials have been received in the NHSI office before acceptance.

If you are not sure that your application is complete, please contact us at (847) 491-3026 or via email,





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