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Debate – Tuition and Fees

 Policy Debate

Students will spend 2 weeks of their program on Northwestern’s Campus; the costs below include room & board.

4-Week Hybrid Institute

Dates: June 29 – July 26, 2024

Tuition: $3,850

6-Week Hybrid Institute

Dates: June 29 – August 9, 2024

Tuition: $5,350


Once You Have Been Accepted

Upon acceptance, we will create a student account for you and send your login information via email. A $700 non-refundable tuition deposit will be required within 1 week of receiving your account information to reserve your spot in the Debate Institute. Your remaining tuition will be due May 24, 2024.

If you are applying for Financial Aid from the NHSI you will not be required to make a deposit until you have been notified of your aid award.


“The Northwestern environment provided me with lessons as well. I was able to meet other students from a variety of different backgrounds, and gained connections that I still keep in contact with. I was able to learn a lot about independence and responsibility because I had to live in a college setting.”


Other Fees

  • There is a $50 application fee. This must be paid before the admission committee can review your application. Please contact us with questions or concerns at


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