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Debate – Scholarships and Financial Aid

If you are interested in applying to the NHSI Debate Division, you are encouraged to do so regardless of your financial status. We urge all passionate students with need to apply for financial assistance. Each year a large number of our students receive significant scholarships or financial aid. Do not miss out on this extraordinary opportunity due to financial restraints.

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NHSI Financial Aid Application

The National High School Institute utilizes the FACTS Financial Aid Application, a platform maintained by Nelnet. Awards are made by the Financial Aid Committee on the basis of financial need. If you wish to apply for a scholarship or financial assistance, you should notate so in the Financial Aid section of the NHSI Debate Application. Then, you will receive an email with next steps regarding the FACTS Financial Aid Application. Please note, FACTS requires a separate $40 application fee as well as copies of your family’s 2022 tax return and 2023 W2’s, once available. If you cannot pay the $40 financial aid application fee (or the $50 program application fee), please contact our office and we will make appropriate efforts to waive those fees.

Full tuition coverage is rare. On average Financial Aid applicants can expect awards ranging from $150 – $3,000 with an average award of $700.

If you are an international student seeking aid, please know that funding is not available every year for international scholarships. For the 2024 season, we do not currently expect to be able to award scholarships to international students. 

FACTS Application Deadlines

The Debate Division operates on a Rolling Admissions basis. You should plan to complete your FACTS Financial Aid Application around the same time that you submit your supplemental materials to complete your NHSI application.


Outside Funding

We also encourage applicants to look into outside scholarship and Financial Aid options. Students may inquire with their school about Activities Funds, talk with the PTA, or local service clubs such as Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, or AAUW. As well, past students have successfully run Go Fund Me and Kickstarter campaigns.



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