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Theatre Arts Division

The NHSI Theatre Arts Division offers a powerful exploration into stage performance and design. A rigorous combination of classes and rehearsals challenge students every day for five weeks, giving them a taste for what their college experience may be like should they pursue a degree in the field. Working with professional theatre practitioners from around the country, students are exposed to a multitude of performance styles, receive extraordinary training in a collaborative and supportive environment, and get to take advantage of the world-class facilities offered at Northwestern. All students will perform in or stage manage a fully produced, 60 minute play directed by a professional director. Every student leaves with an expanded understanding of what is possible in Theatre. and the US News & World Report both rank Northwestern University in the top 10 schools in America for the Performing Arts, this program gives students insight as to why!


Summer 2024

5-Week Programs 


Stage Management/Design-Tech 

June 30 – August 3, 2024

2-Week Musical Theatre Extension  


Stage Management/Design-Tech 

August 3 – 17, 2024

**Students interested in the Musical Theatre Extension must participate in the 5-week program, spending a total of 7 weeks at Northwestern. Students remain in the same concentration for the duration of the 7 weeks and may not switch from Performance to SM/DT or vice versa for the extension.


Attend an upcoming online Information Session!

Sign up here. The information session will have a brief presentation about the Institute, admission process, and financial aid application, followed by a Q&A section where students, families, and teachers can ask any questions they have.

November 2nd, 2023

November 14th, 2023

December 19th, 2023


Can’t make any of the dates above for an Information Session?

Watch the presentation below to get an idea of the day-to-day of the institute! The Q&A portion is not included, but you can contact us with any questions not answered in the presentation.



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 What the Faculty Have Said:

“The demands placed on cherubs are not unlike the demands placed upon college students (and professional actors). It is assumed that any student entering this program has reached the level of maturity, understanding, and dedication necessary to handle everything that will be expected of [them].”

“I believe that there is no other program in the world like the NHSI Theatre Arts Division. This may seem like an awfully tall statement, but given what we offer to the students and demand of them in return I don’t believe there is anything comparable.”

What Our Students Have Said:

“I really learned how to step off of my comfort zone, take risks, and most importantly, to trust myself.”

-2023 Cherub Alum

“We all worked so passionately and truly wanted to do our absolute best. I felt so supported by everyone around me and couldn’t have asked for a better community.”

– 2023 Cherub Alum

“I genuinely am so impressed with everything I’ve gained in this program. I’ve experienced so much personal growth, received so much valuable advice, learned so much in classes and have a new sense of purpose.”

– 2023 Cherub Alum

“I learned the importance of reckless abandon and being fearless, and finding the joy and… I learned to not take myself so seriously and have fun and go with the flow and let people be creative to build something beautiful.”

– 2023 Cherub Alum

“I had a really awesome time here!! I made a lot of great friends, learned so many new things, and I really think I have a new perspective on the world and my future. This summer was life changing in the best way.”

– 2023 Cherub Alum

“Everything built on my previous knowledge and made me so much better of an artist. I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want in life.”

– 2023 Cherub Alum

What Parents Have Said:

“I want to thank everyone at National High School Institute – Theatre Arts Division summer program for my daughter’s wonderful experience. From the moment we arrived, your top-notch staff couldn’t have been nicer and more helpful.”

– 2022 Cherub Parent

“The directors and the cast and crew of all the shows were amazing. My daughter’s director made a strong impression on her. She learned so much from him and felt he extracted her full potential. She feels she can take these skills and techniques she learned and apply them to her future performances.”

Cherub Parent
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