Jeff Buntin

Jeff Buntin is the Associate Director of Debate at NHSI and Debate Coach at Northwestern University. During his nine years of teaching at the NHSI debate program, he has instructed hundreds of high school students in the craft of argumentation, the process of research, and the skills of championship-caliber debating. Students who have learned from Jeff during the summer have gone on to success at the highest levels of high school and college debate, reaching the late elimination rounds of nearly every major national tournament, the Tournament of Champions, and winning the National Debate Tournament. Jeff is particularly well known for research and argument-construction – if you want to develop the skills necessary to craft and deploy innovative, round-winning strategies, there is no one better with whom to work.

Feedback from Jeff’s former students demonstrates the impact he has had on their development as debaters:

He makes learning about debate more appealing and interesting. He always relates to his judging experiences or college experiences, and they are very funny as well as helpful. He makes a complicated topic into something more simple. The lectures which he coordinated were very beneficial.”

“He knows so much about the style of argumentation and gives really awesome feedback during practice speeches or practice debates. His lectures during lab were very very helpful and I learned to view arguments from different perspectives. He is really funny and entertaining and did an amazing job teaching me and guiding me this summer. Throughout this summer Buntin taught me something new every day. He changed the way I view debate for the better and I think that’ll have an impact on me for the rest of my life.”