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Scholarship Opportunities Available!

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative Training Scholarship and the Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship are Accepting Applications for Summer 2020!

Find information here for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Scholarship (Theatre Arts Programs Only): 

The American Theatre Wing is committed to fostering a future generation of theatre makers that reflects the diversity and dynamism of America as a whole. Through the Training Scholarships, the Wing is promoting diversity, equity, and access to the arts to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. Funding will go towards covering the costs associated with summer study and after school training programs for public middle and high school students who come from populations historically underrepresented in our industry; who demonstrate economic need, exceptional talent, and an interest in participating in after school training programs or intensive summer study programs to better prepare for future training at the university level.

Find information here for the Anthony Quinn Scholarship (Film & Video and Theatre Arts Programs):

The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program was established to commemorate Anthony Quinn’s contribution to the arts and support his vision for an art conscious society. The Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to high school students who wish to attend a recognized pre-college, or summer intensive arts education program.