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New Policy Debate Commuter Option


The National High School Institute is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis for our 2018 Debate Institute!

This summer we’re excited to announce the addition of a commuter option for the 6-week program. Our 4-week commuter option last summer was a resounding success, so we’ve now extended the ability to commute to our longer program as well.

Please note that the commuter option is only available for the 6- & 4-week programs. As well, applicants must be current, Chicagoland area students to be eligible.


As the debate season begins to draw to a close, NHSI Debate alumni continue to mount an impressive list of competitive accomplishments. In particular, NHSI would like to highlight Anna Farronay, Alex Greene, Catherine Jacob, and Arjun Mohan, all of whom have received one bid to the Tournament of Champions, and were not mentioned in our previous newsletter due to an oversight. Chris Eckert has now amassed eight bids, the second-most of any team nationwide. Leading the TOC bid count at 10 bids are former NHSI alumni Giorgio Rabbini and Nicholas Mancini.

Two-time NHSI alumni Dheven Unni has been accepted early-decision to Northwestern, in addition to receiving five TOC bids.

Northwestern’s Chris Callahan and Pauline Esman have just received a First-Round At Large Bid to the National Debate Tournament, an honor bestowed upon the top 16 teams at the end of college debate’s regular season. Callahan and Esman recently placed third at the prestigious Dartmouth Round Robin. Chris and Pauline are both excited to return to NHSI this summer.

All NHSI alumni are welcome to email me at any time to share updates on their competitive seasons, their college plans, or just to drop a line. I’m always happy to hear from former (and hopefully future) students.




Jeff Buntin

NHSI Debate Division Director