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2019 Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program


Now accepting applications for summer 2019 programs. Application due Sunday, December 9, 2018.

Students applying to the NHSI Theatre Arts Division and Film & Video Division are eligible to apply for this scholarship in addition to NHSI’s financial aid. Visit the Anthony Quinn Foundation website for more details.


About the Anthony Quinn Scholarship Program

Anthony Quinn was an Academy Award-winning actor who appeared in more than 150 films, and was a talented sculptor and painter. The Anthony Quinn Foundation was established to perpetuate his work and his vision of opportunities for young artists to develop their craft. The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program provides funds for arts education to high school students who demonstrate a strong commitment to personal artistic growth, exceptional talent, dedication and focus.


The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program is a competitive program for high school students seeking funding to attend summer intensive arts programs. Applicants must demonstrate exceptional talent, dedication and a strong commitment to personal artistic growth. The areas of focus are Literary ArtsMedia Arts (Film, Photography, Animation, Anime, Computer Graphics), Performing Arts (Dance, Theatre, Singing, Instrumental) and Visual Arts & Design.  The Foundation makes an effort to distribute the funds equitably across artistic disciplines.  Funds may be applied to any recognized pre-college, or summer intensive arts education program, however, the program must be identified by the student on the application and once awarded, funding is sent directly to the program the student will be attending.  The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship cannot be used for secondary school or college tuition.   Scholarships are awarded competitively, and all applications are reviewed by a panel of judges who are practicing artists, arts educators, and experts in the various fields of focus.  Judges are completely independent from the Foundation’s board and staff.

How to apply for funding

The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program is for young adults in high school for use towards a recognized pre-college, or summer intensive arts education program which emphasizes study in the following areas:

  • Literary Arts
  • Media Arts: Film, Photography, Animation, Anime, Computer Graphics
  • Performing Arts: Dance, Theatre, Singing, Instrumental
  • Visual Arts & Design

Summer programs vary in costs. The maximum scholarship award is $2,500.  While some programs cost less than $2500, many exceed that cost.  In that event, students may need to seek additional funding from other sources.

In order to qualify for an AQF Scholarship, the following items must be provided:

No later than midnight on Sunday, December 9th, 2018:
  • Pre-Registration Form
  • Completed Application – Part 1
  • Parent/Guardian Form
  • Nomination Letter
No later than midnight on Sunday, January 6, 2019:
  • Completed Application – Part 2
  • Artistic Statement
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Work Samples & Work Sample Information
  • Picture of yourself

*All materials must be submitted by the specified date and time in order for an application to be considered.

Recipients are selected based on artistic excellence, personal commitment recognized ability.

Award recipients will be notified no later than April 10, 2019.