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86th Season of the NHSI Wraps Up



Another great summer season at Northwestern University. Here’s what some of our new Cherubs Alumnae have to say about the National High School Institute:


Theatre Arts Division

Cherubs only solidified my desire to pursue Theatre. It opened up my eyes to all different techniques on how to be not only a good actress, but a good person. It showed me the power of beautiful art and how it can truly affect someone. The incredible faculty taught me that it takes hard work and passion, but that it is possible to do what you love for a living.”

– 2016 Theatre Arts Cherub

You can view this summer’s production photos on the Theatre Arts Photo Gallery page.


Film & Video Division

The level of commitment exhibited by every student made all the work enjoyable and every set a learning experience. Production Week was a testament to the power of collaboration and a stunning representation of what young film makers can accomplish. We make great things when we help each other tell our stories.”

– 2016 Film & Video Cherub

Check out some of the films made this summer on our Sample Film Work page.


Northwestern Debate Institute

The NHSI and the many skilled and talented speakers and debaters I was exposed to there convinced me that debate as an activity is not only educational and very fun, but also unique in that you have almost absolute freedom to create your own strategies, carve your own niches, and evaluate arguments based on the merit of the people defending them.”

– 2016 Debate Cherub


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