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Film & Video – Production Concentration



5 Weeks: June 30 – August 3, 2024


The Production concentration of the Film & Video Institute is comprehensive, collaborative, and hands-on.

Concentration Highlights

Production students focus on the techniques used in the creation and manipulation of motion pictures. Through the Production Core Curriculum, students will explore cinematography, editing, directing, and various other film production roles in order to collaborate on a multitude of film projects throughout the summer.

The Production Concentration is intentionally “hands-on” and students will learn to use and master professional filmmaking tools in an effort to tell their unique stories. NHSI equipment includes Canon cinema cameras with prime lenses and follow focus kits, RONIN stabilized handheld gimbal systems, DJI Phantom camera drones, GoPro cameras and accessories, Adobe Premiere Pro editing labs, and access to the same high-quality grip and electric gear used by Northwestern Radio-Television-Film students.


Daily Schedule

In morning Core lecture and labs, students will learn and practice the principles of blocking, staging and visual composition, cinematography principles (framing, lenses, lighting), shotlisting and in-­depth scene analysis (scene beats, turning points, structure of a scene, visual expression of conflict), as well as various tools and methods for directing actors (acting beats, action verbs, emotional strategies), gaining practical knowledge to help them translate a vision into cinematic language and shape their idea from script to screen.

From pre‐production to post‐production, from cinematography to sound, each student will prepare, shoot, and edit several exercises, in order to find their own artistic voice through cinema. Though a largely hands-on curriculum, the students will also be exposed to masters and innovators of filmmaking spanning the history of cinema in the world. This study will go beyond the technical teaching of directing and inspire students to become engaged and analytical viewers who continue to learn long after the term is over.


“I liked my Core classes a lot and I feel I learned a lot about both film theory and camera operation. I think what was most valuable to me was learning to take the perfect shot and portray my own style through filmmaking.”


Afternoons are devoted to the students’ chosen elective classes which augment the Core classes and give you a chance to pursue particular areas of interest.

Evenings are devoted to various screenings, practical application through student film production, lectures, master classes, and POD guided interdisciplinary experiences throughout the summer.



Each Production student will have the opportunity to produce a capstone project as either director, editor, writer, producer, sound designer, or DP. All projects will be fully realized by the individual student with the help of fellow Film & Video students, faculty and staff. You can watch a sampling of past students’ work on our Sample Film Work page.





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