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Film & Video – Our Equipment

“The level of commitment exhibited by every student made all the work enjoyable and every set a learning experience. Production Week was a testament to the power of collaboration and a stunning representation of what young film makers can accomplish. We make great things when we help each other tell our stories.”


*Canon C100 Mark II Cinema Cameras with Cine Lens Kits

*Complete Camera Support Kits including Tripods, Follow Focus, Rails, Shoulder Mounts, and Matte Box

*DJI RONIN Stabilization Rigs with Wireless Follow Focus

*GoPro Hero4 Camera and Accessory Kits

*DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone

*Zoom H4n Audio Recorders with Sennheiser Boom Kits

*Greenscreen/White Cyc Studio with LED Lighting Grid

*Professional Soundstage and Isolation Booth

*Industry-Standard Grip & Electric Equipment including Mole-Richardson Tungsten Lighting Packages

*Post-Production labs with Adobe Premiere Pro software






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