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Film & Video – Acting on Camera Concentration



5 Weeks: June 30 – August 3, 2024.


Acting for the camera is a technical craft as well as an art. Understanding how to “work the camera” as an actor is key.

Daily Schedule

Through our Core curriculum Acting on Camera students will begin to harness their instincts into a technique that generates an on screen presence unique to them as performers. Mornings will consist of concentration specific, advanced curriculum taught by Acting on Camera Faculty as well as Guest Artists. Through a mix of ensemble, partner, and individual work, Acting students will explore alternative acting methods and gain a multitude of tools that will endow them with a new level of confidence and professionalism as performers.


“I loved that the teachers instructed us specifically and individually…It was more than just on-camera experience and learning how to be directed; we were taught how to perform truthfully and realistically.” – 2023 Cherub Alum

“My Core classes were fun and I really enjoyed them. What I found most influential was learning the power of living in the moment and letting the camera come to me. I really learned how to stop acting and start being and doing what the moment called for.” -2022 Cherub Alum

Examples of past topics of study include:

  • Acting Theory
  • Scene Study
  • Monologue Work
  • Movement
  • Character Work
  • Performance Approaches
  • Working with the Director
  • Blocking for the Camera
  • Auditioning
  • Acting for Commercials 




Afternoon classes are devoted to various electives. Students choose two elective courses, which will meet every day for the first two weeks. Students will then choose two additional electives that will meet every day for the next two weeks. The final week of the program will be spent in film production and attending master classes.

Evenings are filled with screenings, practical application through student film production, lectures, master classes, and POD guided interdisciplinary experiences throughout the summer.

This schedule will be followed seven days a week, shifting to accommodate field trips, guest lectures, special projects, and leisure activities as needed. Saturday and Sunday incorporate one larger block of free time each.

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Final Projects

All three concentrations work together to craft multiple final projects, which are screened for friends and family on the final day. Acting on Camera students perform in films written by Screenwriting students and produced by Production students. All students will participate in final projects from concept to realization, as well as occasional in-class participation whenever possible. You can watch a sampling of past students’ work on our Sample Film Work page.


“I loved acting on camera with so many unique and original actors from all over the country. I loved working with the producers and screenwriters to get the best work onto the camera and I feel so privileged to have been a part of Cherubs.”


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